Cecily Leora
July 2013

My name is Cecily Leora. I am a Fashion Designer, GoGo Dancer, Yoga enthusiast. I bend, never to break. I love to live my life healthily and artistically. Big dreams for this young woman, I live with every intention with an unstoppable determination to succeed. Far from ordinary, always a “HOT PINK”, never a “Mellow Yellow.” Sweet hearted, yet I can sting like a bee, frequently my types of men have been intimidated by me. An exception in my industries, on a debauchery laced pathway, exercising my means to an end. The “end” only arrives with my fulfillment in life. Success. I am meant to lead an extraordinary life. I thrive to inspire, as I embrace those that inspire me. ♥

Monica Renee
July 2011

My name is Monica Renee and I am a born and raised San Diego, CA girl. I love music (especially metal and hardcore) and try to catch as many live shows as possible. And yes, I have been known to go a little wild in the mosh pits at times. I also love spending time at the beach, shopping, traveling and spending time at the bars with my good friend Jack Daniels HAHA ♥


Natalie Kenly aka “Natty Napalm”
March 2011

I am an artist, I love rock n roll of the classic variety. I have two guitars I am in love with, a Martin acoustic named Janis Joplin and a Fender named Cowboy. I love bacon, loud music and Charlie Sheen ♥

Natty is wearing SYC FUK Girls Mulholland Tank Dress


Vanessa James
December 2010

My name is Vanessa, I’m from San Diego and now living in Hollywood CA. I spend most of my time working. But I love every minute of it. For fun or to let my hair down I play the drums, enjoy a good glass of whiskey or just eat a bunch of candy. HA! For more of my non-sense you can also peep the ol’ modern day journal .. xO Vanessa is wearing one of SYC FUK’s best seller Runyon Eskimo Hoodie

Richelle Monae
January 2010

Richelle Monae is our SYC FUK Girl of January 2010. She is an aspiring actress, model and dancer. She recently moved from Denver, CO and is now living in West Hollywood, CA. Richelle is very caring, loving and a positive individual who LUVS the extreme lifestyle but has a very soft caring side. When she’s not in acting class during the day, then you can find her clubbing at night. Richelle is wearing one of SYC FUK’s favorite tank designs Safety First

Lauren Mirani & Tobi Kottak

Lauren Mirani & Tobi Kottak
December 2009

‘Tis the season of LUV and we are giving you twice the pleasure! Meet our SYC FUK Girls for the month of December Luscious Lauren and Tipsy Tobi. They are wearing SYC FUK’s newest limited edition holiday designs “Pretty In Pink” and “Candy Cane”. Get yours today!

Alie Layus
July 2009

Alie Layus, like many other models does go-go dancing and hosting to promote club events and frequently travels for photoshoots and appearances all around the world. Outside of the modeling and entertainment world, Alie enjoys working out, eating sushi, snowboarding and spending time on her newest hobby, DJing. Despite her reputation of being a hard-partying LA girl, she spends most of her days off relaxing on the beach, reading books and cooking at home. “Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have my share of fun. But, I spend so much time in a party environment because of the work I do, the last thing I wanna do in my spare time is party even more!

Trisha Lurie
March 2009

Trisha is our SYC FUK GIRL of March 2009. She is a Mother, Artist, Musician, Designer, Surfer, adrenaline junkie, wine drinking, sushi eating, chocolate loving, humanitarian and traveler of this freak show called Earth… She is trying to make a impact in the world around her.