Cecily Leora
July 2013

My name is Cecily Leora. I am a Fashion Designer, GoGo Dancer, Yoga enthusiast. I bend, never to break. I love to live my life healthily and artistically. Big dreams for this young woman, I live with every intention with an unstoppable determination to succeed. Far from ordinary, always a “HOT PINK”, never a “Mellow Yellow.” Sweet hearted, yet I can sting like a bee, frequently my types of men have been intimidated by me. An exception in my industries, on a debauchery laced pathway, exercising my means to an end. The “end” only arrives with my fulfillment in life. Success. I am meant to lead an extraordinary life. I thrive to inspire, as I embrace those that inspire me. ♥

Cecily is wearing Feel This Hoodie on her cover photo, below she is wearing our newest design, Too Drunk to FUK Tank.



Birthname: Cecily Leora
Birthday: March 21, 1989
Horoscope Sign: Aries
Born & Raised: Colorado Springs, CO
Currently Living In: Denver, CO
Ethnicity: Hispanic, Native American, French, White
Occupation: Gogo Dancer, Fashion Designer, Cocktail Waitress
Hobbies: Sewing, Crafts, Cooking, Yoga, Spa

Bucket List:

• Own and operate a successful clothing Line
• Become a sought after Yoga Instructor so I can inspire and guide people through this beautiful, life changing practice
• I hope to lead/participate in more than a few Yoga Retreats in the most beautiful places in the world
• Meet and spend time with Robert Smith of The Cure
• Attend every major awards show
• Have my honeymoon in Greece
• Meet and spend time with Dr. Phil, view many live broadcasts
• Get a Black Card
• Help change the lives of many people lost, and in need of help

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♥ Quote from Cecily

“Eat the scene, don’t let the scene eat you.” -MisCecilyxo

Cecily’s Photos

Photos by Sean Hartgrove