New Line: SYC LUV Clothing by Holly Madison & Bucky Bakes

August 6th, 2010

Check out our brand new clothing line with Holly Madison, a luxury all girls line available exclusively at Holly Madison | SYC LUV and at SYC FUK Girls

  1. Brandy Reaves

    I would love to buy your clothes, but I see celeb’s are just wearing your clothing. I work full time and go to school full time. Maybe if you drop your prices down a little that would make me and other fans very happy. I have a piggy bank so I can by one of your jacket’s. Thanks for listening :)

    Broke girl in Oklahoma lol :)

  2. Bucky Bakes

    We just had a whole month of sales… Not sure if you caught any of them… Most of our pieces are custom and hand made… They take a lot of time to make… Do you have a jacket in mind that you are saving up for ?

  3. Danielle

    Oh I hear ya Brandy! I work a 50+ week and I still can’t afford most that’s on your website. Ever since I saw your hoodie on ‘Daisy of Love’, I have been lusting for a ‘Pretty in Pink’ hoodie ever since! I’m so bummed that I missed your sale! Bucky Bakes could you please email me if you ever have any sales on the hoodies?? Thank you thank you!!!


    OMG! I live in Vancouver and we need ALL of your stuff here! NOW! IM IN LUV!

  5. Bucky Bakes

    Thanks Kendra!!! We need to get you in some SYC FUK gear asap!

  6. Bucky Bakes

    We do ship to Canada… Any and all items… Unfortunately, we have not had tiime to source out a good boutique that would be appropiate to carry our lines. If you have any leads or relationships with any good boutiques in your area, hit us up at

    Rock on,

  7. Jessica

    Hey :)

    I am soo obsessed with this clothing line but just cant afford it :(

    when is the next sale happening ? i missed out on the valentines one

    <3 much love

  8. randi wren

    i placed an order with you for a sweat shirt and it has been a while and i have not received it. please let me know its status. thank you, randi wren

  9. Bucky Bakes

    Hi Randi, What is your Order Reference Number & Order Date? Did you place your order on or from Holly’s site? Thank you.

  10. susan

    got my sykluv black and grey striped sweater made for holly’s bday from bucky…….couldn’t find online to purchase but bucky made sure i got one! Nicest thing anyone has done for me and i have been nurse for 26 yrs and have given so much so feel so lucky to have bucky care about me and something i really wanted! i LOVE IT!!! wish i could afford more but am happy,happy,happy with this and most likely the only girl in Kansas City wearing one. Did someone say TOTO WE’RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE! :)

  11. Bucky Bakes

    Spreading the LUV! Thanks xo

  12. Kiara

    OMG! Can not wait to place my first order…loving this stuff! Ooohhhhh don’t know of anything like this available in Aus!! Wooh! Awesome job on the designs <3 x

  13. allyissa

    in italy ??? please ??? i love your outfit !!! soryy english not so good !

  14. KARLA

    U huys should be more intelligent….u should sell ur line at a more available price! that way you’ll have more customers and more profit…..u should think about my idea that could help u more!

  15. Janci schell

    Do you guys have castings ever for your clothing line? <3 janc

  16. Moni

    I notice a few items are sold out when will they be available? Love the line:)

  17. Becca

    I love the line, but there is only one problem, i live in the uk and its just not available over here, you guys need to get your stuff in to uk shops at a good price and you will have a wider range of coustom, think about it <3 x
    Thankyou, much Luv B :) xxx

  18. Tara

    Your clothing line is insane, i love it!! Wish it was more affordable, i would love one of these wicked hoodies

  19. Karen

    Hi I ordered a shirt I paid with PayPal but I have not received it yet and it has been 3 months

  20. Denise

    I ordered a shirt, very over-priced.It took forever to get it, and when I got it, was very dissapointed in quality etc, won’t be ordering any more!

  21. Kelly

    I just got my super sweet hoodie and I am in love!! It is thick, soft and awesome. This is the best quality hoodie I have ever seen. I can’t wait to show it off. I will be the only person in Fairbanks Alaska with one for sure!!

  22. Taylor

    We need this in the UK! :)